Meet our Suppliers

We believe that everyone should be able to get their hands on beautiful, quality produce. Not just those with the time and money to shop at speciality stores. That’s why we probably spend more time with our suppliers than we do with our own families. Meet the heroes who put the ‘Fresh’ into your HelloFresh Box…

Our Fishmonger – James Knight of Mayfair

If it’s good enough for the Queen and Prince Charles then we figure it’s good enough for our customers! James Knight have been supplying Buckingham Palace for years and it's no wonder considering how fresh their catch tastes! James Knight are all about quality, ethical, sustainable sourcing and you can discover more in this little video we made. Discover how fresh fish should really taste!

Our Butcher – Nick "The Knife"

If you want your meat to taste like a top London restaurant then Nick is your man. Nick started work as a butcher when he was knee-high to a grasshopper, following his dad around the family butcher’s shop. He has a huge amount of pride in his ethically reared produce and we’re proud to say he’s part of the HelloFresh family! Find out more on our blog.

Our Herb Farmer - R&G Herbs

What would a HelloFresh meal be without the seasoning that brings it all together? Our suppliers R&G Herbs grow the absolutely show-stopping herbs that our customers find in their boxes every week and they pour their heart into farming their produce. "Farming is all about heart" says Les, one of their herb farmers. He's got a great story - watch the video to find out all about him.

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