Family Food Box

All the exact ingredients for 2 or 4 delicious, healthy meals for your family each week - for just £4 per portion!
Your family box will include the freshest ingredients and simple to follow recipe cards, as well as steps to get your kids in the kitchen. Make home cooked dinners the must have meal and get all the family around the table!
We're a flexible service - pausing your deliveries is quick and easy, for example if you go on holiday (lucky you!).

This product is exempt from right of withdrawal We deliver to mainland UK except for Scottish Highlands, Apin & Morvern.

What our customers are saying

Mark Popkiewicz HelloFresh testimonial

Stuck in a rut?

Whilst a keen cook, I had found that I was in somewhat of a rut and cooking the same meals every week. You have opened my eyes to a whole new world of different recipes and fresh and exciting flavours. Since receiving my box for the past 11 weeks, my repertoire of meals has greatly increased and I now have a renewed vigor when it comes to cooking and look forward to my delivery on Thursday (it’s a bit like Christmas). Thursday has become the new Friday in our household!
Mark Popkiewicz

Cathy, William, Tim Beckham HelloFresh testimonial

Families who want to have the good life

I would like you to know what pleasure I have had from the benefits of shopping with you. Family mealtimes that used to feel like a drag, have now been transformed. I am a mother / wife / full time student and my son is a fussy eater. Our mealtimes had turned into a battle ground with my son refusing to eat healthy food and me despairing that I was failing as a mother. So thank you very very much for going to the trouble to alleviate the challenges faced by modern day families who want to have the good life, but sometimes feel it is out of reach.
Cathy, William, Tim Beckham

Amber Foston HelloFresh testimonial

Convenient and Affordable

A friend of mine raved about HelloFresh for months!! After forgetting for weeks and thinking it may be expensive I finally ordered with a discount code she gave me. 6 weeks later we are loving it! Me and my partner enjoy it, cook together, have friends over to join in and give out the recipes for other people to experience! We have spread the word about how convenient is it, how affordable it is, especially when you take a look at the quality of ingredients and recipes they offer which are delivered to your door hassle free. It's taken a huge stress out of our lives and I don't miss food shopping one bit! It's nothing like supermarket home delivery because the company who choose the food, choose great food! I no longer dread dinner or await the phonecalls of "what shall we have for dinner tonight!
Amber Foston