New Year’s Resolutions: Who Will Be Making Positive Changes In 2020?

Positive changes towards health, eating habits and the environment are still the top priorities for British people in 2020. However, are good intentions a true signal of change? A survey by HelloFresh reveals how Brits are moving towards change in the next decade.

Women Are More Likely To Adopt Healthier Habits

The survey asked the UK population about the types of resolutions they would set, based on what was important to them. Overall, women were more likely to make New Year's Resolutions that centred around making positive lifestyle changes around self-improvement, such as eating more healthily (34%), exercising more (39%) and being environmentally conscious (27%).

Londoners Are The Least Resistant to Change

Londoners were the most keen to make positive resolutions for 2020. 45% wanted to adopt healthier eating habits with another 41% wanting to exercise more regularly. They were also the region who wanted to become the most environmentally conscious.

Proportion of Brits Not Making New Year's Resolutions By Region

Men Are Less Likely To Set Resolutions

Welsh men aged over 55 were revealed to be the most unlikely to make New Year Resolutions. Men overall were 36% less likely to set goals for 2020 compared to women whose resolutions included healthier eating and exercising more. Almost half of Welsh respondents says they would not adopt any resolutions at all, which excluded them from ‘__Quitters Day__’ on January 17th – the day that most Brits are said to give up on the resolutions!

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