How it Works

What is a "flexible subscription"?
We’re passionate about making it easier for you to cook delicious, nutritious meals (using fresh ingredients) from scratch on a regular basis – it’s better for you, your family, and even the planet! But we know that your busy schedule makes it more difficult. So, we operate as a subscription to take all of the hard bits - meal planning and shopping - away. We just leave you to do the fun bit – cooking and eating with your loved ones! What's more, by placing consistent weekly orders with our independent suppliers, they can provide you with the best quality produce for a price comparable with equivalent supermarket with equivalent supermarket fare. It’s a win-win!

But in some corners, subscriptions have got a bad rep. Confusing contracts, hidden terms and unwanted extras. That’s why we operate as a flexible subscription - meaning there is no minimum term, and you can change your deliveries to fit in with your hectic lifestyle. On holiday or busy next week? You’re the boss! Simply place your account on pause using our flexible order calendar by Wednesday at 6pm the week prior.

To find out more, managing subscriptions.
Is there a minimum subscription length?
Our service is designed to offer flexibility and convenience so you can manage when you would like your deliveries. There is no minumum delivery, just remember to update your account before 7pm on Wednesday the week before your next delivery with any changes.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Cancelling your subscription is easy. You just need to go to your account area and follow these steps:
  • 1. Log in on the HelloFresh website
  • 2. Click on Your Account Settings
  • 3. Click the small edit box under Subscription Info
  • 4. Click on 'cancel my subscription' at the bottom of the page
  • 5. Follow the steps to cancel
  • 6. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation, please retain this for future reference.
Can l change my box?
Like the look of a different box? You can always upgrade your box for the following week, just head to “my orders” and you can alter the number of meals or the number of people you want your box for. Just remember to complete the update by Wednesday at 6pm the week before your next delivery.
Can l change my first box?
As your first order is created as the order is placed, you won't be able to alter this yourself from your account online. If you do need to make a change, such as to the delivery address, just get in touch with our lovely customer care team and they'll be able to make the change for you as long as it's before our Wednesday deadline. Simply call 0207 138 9055 or email hello@hellofresh.co.uk
What happens on Bank Holidays?
In order to ensure that we keep sending you the very best ingredients and that our hard working suppliers get a well-earned break, our Monday nationwide deliveries, 9am to 5pm, will be delivered on Tuesday between 9am to 6pm.


Can I choose my meals?
At The HelloFresh Farm we always encourage a bit of adventure and we want to help you expand your culinary repertoire. Discovering delicious food is one of the things that makes HelloFresh so great, that is why we have introduced “Meal Swap” on our 3 meal classic boxes. By logging on, and heading to “Meal Swap” you can choose the 3 meals you want, from the 5 available. If you need any more information, just head to swapsies
Can I see my meals and what's coming up?
Our upcoming recipes are updated on our homepage every Thursday, and you can also find them on the 'Upcoming Recipes' section, which you can find under ‘Recipes’. If you want to see our recent menus, just head to ‘Recipe Archive’.
Do you offer plans for people with special dietary requirements?
Whilst we don't offer specific dietary plans, because our ingredients are delivered to you in separate packets, if you have any specific dislikes you can simply omit or replace them with your own ingredients. You can learn more about the ingredients we use in the About HelloFresh section.
Do you offer plans for singles?
We have many single-person households as customers who chose the 3-meal plan for 2 people and gain eternal popularity with their friends, or simply tuck in to any remaining food from their meals later in the week. Everything in our boxes, except for prawns, is perfectly safe to freeze for a later date.
Why is HelloFresh a healthy choice?
Cooking with fresh ingredients helps you stay healthy and beats any type of convenience food, frozen food or fast food. By preparing your meals with fresh ingredients you ensure that important nutrients aren't lost. In addition, we create our recipes to ensure a healthy diet. Since our chefs and nutritionists create and select recipes on a weekly basis, they are able to ensure that your diet is balanced and provides all the nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle.
Do you provide nutritional information?
Every recipe card lists the calories, saturated fat, carbohydrates and protein. You can also view these for your upcoming meals by heading to ‘Recipes’.
How do you calculate your nutritional information?
All of our nutritional information is determined by a calculation method. In other words we use the nutritional properties of the raw ingredients in our recipe and calculate the amount of nutritional value they have in aggregate, this does not include the oil, pepper or salt that may be added in the cooking process. Our recipe cards provide information on the amount of calories, carbohydrate, protein and saturated fat. If you would like anymore information just get in touch with us anytime.


How much will I be charged for my HelloFresh box?
  • 3-Meal Box for 2 - £39 (Vegetarian - £36)
  • 3-Meal Box for 4 - £59 (Vegetarian - £57)
  • 5-Meal Box for 2 - £49
  • 4-Meal Family Box for 4 - £64
When will I be charged for my HelloFresh box?
Your first delivery is charged for at the time of ordering. For all subsequent deliveries the weekly amount will be charged for the morning after your order is created, this is always at midnight the Wednesday the week before your next delivery is due.
How can I update my payment details?
Just log into your account and head to 'My orders' All future payments will be taken from the most recent details added to our system. For extra information on how to manage your account, just head to 'Managing Subscriptions'
Are my payment details secure?
Yes. Your details are safely and securely updated onto our website, and you will only need to enter these once. We work with the online payment provider 'Adyen' which is certified by both VISA and MasterCard.


Where do you deliver?
We now deliver across the U.K.! To confirm that we can deliver to your address, enter your postcode at the checkout. Exceptions include islands off the coast of mainland U.K. and the Scottish Highlands.
When do you deliver?
We deliver once per week on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or a Thursday. If you live within the M25, we can deliver between 5pm and 9pm on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, or, you can choose the 9am to 5pm slot on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. For all other areas, your delivery will arrive between 9am and 5pm on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Don't worry if you're not in - we use state-of-the-art packaging to ensure your box remains fresh until you come home later in the evening.
Why can't I choose my delivery time?
All our routes are carefully planned each week based on the deliveries we have to make. We do this to reduce our carbon emissions, and also to find the quickest route possible.
What if I am not at home to accept the delivery?
When checking-out, you can provide us with instructions on what to do if you're not at home to accept your delivery. In fact, most of our customers are not present when we deliver their food. Some customers simply ask us to leave their HelloFresh box in front of their door. Others tell us to take their box to a helpful neighbour or the porter in their building. Whatever your personal circumstances, our friendly drivers will do their best to find a way to make HelloFresh work for you.
Will the contents of my box remain fresh if I'm not in to accept the delivery?
Don't worry if you're not in - all of our boxes are packaged using speciality insulation and environmentally friendly cooling agents in order to keep your groceries fresh (whatever the weather) for up to 30 hours!

Making the Most of your Box

Can I recycle my packaging?
We’re on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint so we’ve partnered up with Collect+ for you to send back any unwanted packaging. Your wool liners and spice pots are biodegradable so can be added straight into your compost. Boxes and brown bags can be recycled like your normal items at home, but wool liners can be reused in more HelloFresh boxes - so please send them back to the HelloFresh farm. To download your pre-post label head to our recycling page
What are you doing to reduce waste?
We’ve partnered up with Love Food Hate Waste, to help us on our mission to reduce food waste. We only ever order the exact quantities needed for our deliveries each week, so we’re not throwing away tonnes of extra food. We’re also helping all our customers to reduce the food waste in their homes, by only giving you the ingredients you need to make your meals, in the exact quantities.
Will the groceries stay fresh for a week?
Everything that goes into your box is carefully selected and hand-packed, as though you were doing the shopping. Our recipes are created using ingredients that stay fresh long enough for you to enjoy them in the week you have received them, as long as they are stored correctly. If we include ingredients that need to be used sooner rather than later (such as fish) we suggest that you prepare them at the beginning of the week. However, we would always advise you to use your own judgement so you can guarantee the best from all your meals.
What's the best way of storing my herbs?
Chives, Thyme and Rosemary should be stored in the warmest section of your fridge wrapped in plastic. Basil, Parsley and Coriander should be treated like a bouquet of flowers. Just trim the ends and place in a small glass of water at room temperature, and outside of direct sunlight.
How do you work out your measurements?
We have moved towards volume measurements to help you get a better feel of your ingredients. If you need a helping hand head here
Which ingredients do you assume I have at home?
All you need to have available at home is salt, pepper, white sugar, a good cooking oil and butter. We'll give you the rest.

Vouchers and Gift Boxes

How can I redeem my voucher?
All you need to do is head to our Homepage and select the box you want to order. Follow the steps through the checkout, and add your voucher code to the box marked ‘Coupon’. Just make sure your discount is deducted and hit Checkout. Please remember only one voucher is valid per customer.
I have a voucher code, why are you charging me £1?
As HelloFresh is a weekly delivery service we need to ensure that the payment details are correct for any subsequent deliveries. Initially £1 will be taken from your account to validate the payment. This process is to validate that the card is correct and for us to process an order for you. This £1 is automatically refunded back to you.
Why isn't my voucher code working?
Check that your code is correct, and that you are ordering the correct box. Vouchers won’t apply to one-off boxes such as HelloFresh gift boxes. If you’re still having trouble, just drop a line to our customer service team.
Can I order HelloFresh as a gift?
Most definitely! Just choose the type and size of box you want to give, and order this through the checkout. We'll send you a gift voucher via e-mail to download and print, and order through us, when they want. If you want to learn more head to our Gift Box page
How do I redeem my HelloFresh gift box?
Simply pick the date you want to receive your box, and then get in touch with your unique gift code, and delivery information. We’ll sort out the rest.

And just in case you were wondering...

How does Patrick get his hair so shiny?
The office has been dying to know this for ages, but it’s his best-kept secret. We reckon it must be some sort of conditioner or DIY hair mask. Maybe that’s why all the avocado and honey from the Fresh Farm have been disappearing…
I love speaking to Ellie on the phone, her voice always sounds so soothing! How does she stay relaxed at work?
Ellie loves cats. Especially from Greece.