1. Cooking at home can actually save you 47 minutes per trip

The average UK supermarket trip takes
47 minutes, the reason why people fall back to unhealthy takeaway and processed foods. 

Meal kit and grocery delivery services can be a great way to get fresh ingredients straight to your door without the hassle. All you have to do is cook!

Healthier behaviour by one partner has been found to positively influence the same for the other, according to a 2015 study by the University College London.

Finding a cooking partner, whether it's your significant other or one of your buddies, can be a great way to encourage healthier eating habits for both of you.

A 2015 Cambridge University study found people who cook more often at home on average consumed 6% less calories, fat & sugar vs those who barely cooked. 

You don't need a personal nutritionist (though we have one making our meals), but recipes with full nutritional info can help you learn more about what you eat.

2. Cooking is more nutritious than ordering out

3. Cooking more together can reinforce better eating habits

4. Cooking more can expand your palate and preferences

It's all just a matter of tasting and trying. Several papers have found that increased exposure to initially disliked foods led to higher acceptance and liking over time.

Find more varied dishes on recipe sites, free apps and train your palate like a chef!

5. Cooking reduces food waste

The average UK household binned £470 of food that was still edible in 2015 according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), and that the UK food retail industry wastes 2 million tonnes of fresh produce each year. Buy from companies with direct supplier relationships and get only the exact amounts needed.

No overstocking shelves, no spoilage, 

no waste!

6. Cooking for picky eaters

Our research found that 53% of British parents preferred serving "child-friendly" dinners to their kids at 6PM, and only then do they have "grown-up" dinner at 7PM.  

Finding food the whole family will love is not just good bonding time, it saves time.

Find recipes balancing old classics with new twists so there's something for everyone!

Set your schedule and choose your delivery date and time. Our insulated boxes keep your food cool and fresh for up to 24 hours.

If you're out on vacation, simply pause your delivery and enjoy your holidays.

Choose your recipe plan, we have our Classic, Veggie and Family plans. For 2 to 4 people, for 3 or 5 meals per week.

7. You're always in control

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