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For us, there is no greater feeling than hearing about the way HelloFresh has helped to change the way our customers cook forever. 

Since we started, we've been turning novice cooks into accomplished chefs, and fussy eaters into adventurous foodies. Click on each story to hear about the ways we've brought a spark back to our customers' dinnertime, or submit your own using the button above.

My daughter is 13 and is learning one of the greatest skills there is, how to cook for yourself (and others) good healthy food!

"It just could not be easier to make delicious and nutritional meals. My husband thinks he has a new wife!"

"Margo and I have been married for almost 40 years ,and in that time she reckons I have cooked twice. Oh how things have changed since starting with HelloFresh!"

"I now enjoy cooking more and it makes me feel really happy since I am now cooking absolutely delicious meals!"

"Before HelloFresh the kitchen had been completely alien to me."

"Having now used HelloFresh for around a year or more I couldn't imagine cooking weekday dinners any other way."

"I was looking for a new way of eating...I've found it!"

"We get a fodoie surprise every week!"

"My daughter helps out in the kitchen now, taking a real interest and getting excited about cooking."

"It's great to try different dishes and I look forward to seeing the contents of my HelloFresh box every week!"

"HelloFresh has taken the hassle out of shopping and deciding what we would have to eat each night as the meal choices have been made for us"

"You've given us our time back of an evening after the hours our busy career attempts to take."

After a lifetime of cooking for my family...I wanted some new ideas ...Thank you HelloFresh!

"HelloFresh has got me cooking again, and I feel so much more inspired in the kitchen!"

"Taking away the burden of shopping for recipe ingredients has allowed me to enjoy cooking and really vary the dishes I cook"

"We have learnt new techniques and are able to create our own little master pieces!"

"The lovely fresh and healthy ingredients mean I can cook delicious meals with no waste."

"When it came to cooking, I felt like a passenger on a train passing through a strange country ... I wanted to change that and become the driver. Thank you HelloFresh!"

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