Our Story – My how we've grown!

Our Story Beginning

From humble beginnings...

Only a short while ago, Patrick and a merry band of HelloFreshers set out to change the way the nation eats. It was a pretty big dream, but they believed that everyone should have access to the best ingredients and the knowledge to cook them. Not just the experts and the enthusiasts. And so they spent a whole afternoon packing shopping bags (yep, that’s them!) in Patrick’s living room and delivering them by hand to their first 10 customers...their families and friends!

Our Story Current Box

...to feeding thousands every week!

There were a lot of midnight cooking sessions and mad dashes to find last minute supplies, but sure enough that crazy dream started to become a reality. Ten bags of shopping increased to hundreds and then thousands and the little HelloFresh family has grown! The family are as passionate as ever that everyone should be able to cook great food for themselves, their friends and family ...and Patrick still wells up when customers send us nice emails. He’s such a softie.

Our Customers' Stories

Our Customers

At HelloFresh, we find that there is no feeling more rewarding than hearing from our customers about their HelloFresh experience. We could sit here all day and talk about who said what, but we'd rather they told you themselves. That's why we grabbed our camera and headed to some of our customers' homes to hear what they have to say about their HelloFresh journey. So, here they are, our wonderful customer videos.