Introducing Patrick, HelloFresh Head Chef!

Meet our Head Chef

From the City to the kitchen, our chef's journey has been anything but conventional. Patrick started off his career as a lawyer, but pretty soon his love of food meant he was leading a secret double-life. Whilst colleagues discussed business deals over lunch, Patrick was in the fine dining kitchen of his law firm helping out the chefs (shhhh). By night, he'd be changing pinstripes for chef's whites in the back of a cab, as he headed to the Cuckoo Club kitchen in Mayfair. Weekends were spent at the restaurant of renowned Spanish chef Jose Pizarro. Eventually he realised cooking was a lot more fun than law, so he swapped his fountain pen for a chef's knife and never looked back. Since then he's spent time in the 'Lab' at the Fat Duck in Bray, created an online cookery school and his TV show airs in 68 countries this year. We cornered him in the HelloFresh Kitchen to find out a bit more:

What's your favourite food?
If I was going to the gallows tomorrow, then my final meal would be all about comfort. I'd have some fresh-from-the-oven crusty bread with salted butter to start, my mum's shepherd's pie for main course and ripe Alphonso mango with sticky rice, Thai-style for dessert. Generally speaking my favourite food is always quick, simple and relies on the quality of a few ingredients rather than a lot of complicated cooking techniques. That's one of the things I love about Italian food - most dishes only rely on a handful of great ingredients. Less fuss and more time for eating!

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Everyone has a skeleton in the kitchen cupboard! I think guilty pleasures are foods which are so utterly simple that we don't want to admit we like them, for fear of seeming unsophisticated. If it's something that makes you feel good though, then there's no guilt in it. For me it's all about the Double-Double Animal Style Cheeseburger from In n' Out Burger in California. Washed down with a Neopolitan Milkshake. Shhhhh.

Are there any foods you don't like?
I've spent a lot if time living in Asia, which get's you used to the idea that nothing is off-limits. I'm still not sure how Bear Grylls manages to eat those grubs though.

What is your greatest achievement since becoming a chef?
Just being a chef and being able to do what I love everyday is a huge achievement and a massive privilege.

What is your favourite thing about being the Head Chef at HelloFresh?
I've always wanted to share my passion for food and cooking and HelloFresh is the perfect way to do that. HelloFresh means I can teach people to cook great new recipe and send them restaurant quality ingredients, so that all they need to do is the fun bit - cooking and eating! It always makes me smile when I hear the dinnertime success stories and see the pictures of our customers' masterpieces!

If you would like to see Patrick in action check out our YouTube channel.