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Low Calorie Meals

Looking for something to cook tonight? Choose a dish from our wide-range of Low Calorie Meals recipes, tried and tested by our in-house chefs and packed full of the freshest ingredients. Easy to follow and simple to prepare, discover the perfect dish for any occasion.
Rapidwith Sweetcorn and Green Beans
20 minutes407 kcal
Rapidwith Dressed Baby Gem and Sweet Potato Fries
20 minutes0 kcal
with Chorizo and Green Beans
40 minutes547 kcal
Street Foodwith Sweet Potato Fries, Lettuce, Tomato & Pickled Onion
40 minutes0 kcal
Extra RapidNew | Three Steps | Ready in 10
10 minutes592 kcal
Family Friendlywith Mash, Sauteed Leeks and Cabbage
35 minutes490 kcal
BalancedWith Kale & Harissa
45 minutes545 kcal
with Linda McCartney Meatballs, Lime Rice & Tenderstem
30 minutes604 kcal
with Linda McCartney Sausages, Cannellini Beans and Parsley
30 minutes431 kcal
Balancedwith Butternut Squash, Feta and Rocket
40 minutes503 kcal
Rapidwith Red Pepper & Green Beans
20 minutes438 kcal
Extra RapidNew | Three Steps | Ready in 10
10 minutes427 kcal
Extra RapidNew | Three Steps | Ready in 10
10 minutes412 kcal
Family Friendlywith Mangetout
45 minutes573 kcal
with Sesame Wedges and Broccoli
40 minutes386 kcal
Balancedwith Jasmine Rice
35 minutes578 kcal
Rapidwith Mash and Green Beans
20 minutes428 kcal
Balancedwith Refried Beans and Sriracha Salsa
30 minutes497 kcal
with Bok Choy and Sugar Snap Peas
25 minutes432 kcal
with Provencale Traybake and Balsamic Herby Drizzle
40 minutes535 kcal
Family Friendlywith Wedges and Garlicky Greens
40 minutes534 kcal
with Pad Thai-Style Noodles
30 minutes617 kcal
Balancedwith Yoghurt Tahini Dressing
20 minutes585 kcal
with Garlicky Cabbage
45 minutes489 kcal
with Roast Potatoes and Warm Aubergine and Caper Salsa
45 minutes440 kcal
with Spinach & Sundried Tomato Butter Sauce
30 minutes608 kcal
Rapidwith Soured Cream and Coriander
15 minutes608 kcal
with Bok Choy and Sesame
30 minutes569 kcal
with Shiitake Mushrooms and Roasted Chantenays
50 minutes649 kcal

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