Spanish Recipes

There’s more to Spanish cuisine than paella. This collection of Spanish recipes is a mixture of traditional and fusion dishes, and once you’ve tried them you’ll understand why they’re some of our customers’ favorite HelloFresh recipes.


250g | Best served grilled

Spanish Style Sea Bream

with Smoky Chorizo Potatoes and Garlicky Spinach

Monkfish Medallions

With Romesco Sauce & Roast Potatoes

Sea Bream on Saffron Rice

with Chorizo, Parsley and Lemon

Chorizo and Cannellini Bean Stew

with Spanish Inspired Garlic and Tomato Bread

Baked Hake

with Paprika Potatoes and Broccoli

Chicken & Chorizo Spaghetti

with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Prawn & Chorizo Spaghetti

with Fresh Tomato Sauce

King Prawn and Chorizo Spanish Rice

with Tomatoey Garlic Bread

Spanish Style Cod with Smoky Chorizo Potatoes

and Garlicky Spinach

Loaded Spanish Style Tortilla

with Lemon Dressed Peashoots and Croutons

Lemony Monkfish and Samphire Paella

with Red Pepper and Crispy Serrano Ham

Chorizo Sausage and Onion Skewers

with Bravas Wedges and Toasted Almond Topped Sticky Veg

Chicken & Chorizo Rice

with Cherry Tomatoes and Peppers

Pil Pil Style Prawns

with Fluffy Rice and Roasted Peppers

Indian-Spiced Battered Cod and Chips

with Crispy Wedges, Mango Dip and Sugar Snap Peas

Winter-Warming Sea Bass

with Tapas-Style Potatoes and Charred Peppers

Season’s Sea Bream with Golden Gratin

with Serrano Ham and Green Beans with Almonds

Pan-Fried Monkfish Medallions

with Saffron Risotto, Bacon Jam and Peashoot Salad

Spring-Time Roast Chicken Breast

with Tapenade and Roasted Spring Veggies & Bean Salad

Veggie Arroz Rapido

with Mange Tout and Tenderstem

Squash and Chorizo Jumble

with Spinach and Zesty Dressing

Spanish Style Fish Stew

with Chickpeas and Red Pepper

Spanish Style Coley

with Roasted Veggies and Garlicky Potatoes

Chicken & Chorizo Rice

with Peppers and Green Beans

Spanish Style Cod & Chips

with Olives and Vine Tomato

Sea Bream on Saffron Rice

with Chorizo and Parsley & Lemon Oil

Prawn & Chorizo Orzo

with Roasted Cheesy Tomatoes

Spanish Butter-Bean Stew

with Fragrant Rice

Baked Chicken and Chorizo Risotto

with Crunchy Salad and Garlic Mayo

Fragrant Spanish Style Rice

with Yellow Pepper, Chicken & Chorizo

Spanish-Style Rice

with Chicken & Chorizo

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