Recycle with HelloFresh

After receiving your umpteenth HelloFresh box, not only will you have broadened your culinary repertoire, but you will also have built up an enviable collection of HelloFresh packaging. Once you have shown off your collection to friends and family, then please recycle and help with our mission to become more sustainable and limit waste.

What can you recycle and how?

HelloFresh Go Green Ice

Ice packs

Our ice packs are completely non-toxic, they are filled with water and nothing else. Re-use them for a picnic or use the water to water your plants and then recycle the plastic casting.

HelloFresh sheep wool insulator

PET Cooling Pouch

Our cooling pouch is made of 85% recycled PET which is made from the same material as plastic bottles. Around 6 bottles worth of PET are recycled for every pouch! The PET is covered in recyclable plastic. All you have to do is pop your cool pouch in the household recycling so that it can be recycled again in the future or send them back to us for free and you will probably see the same pouch recycled in your next box. Just follow the instructions below.

HelloFresh Go Green Box

HelloFresh Boxes

Our boxes are made from all biodegradable and recyclable materials. So, just fold and discard the cardboard with other household recyclables.

HelloFresh  FSC certified

FSC certified

Our boxes are FSC certified. What's FSC? The Forest Stewardship council are charged with protecting the world's forests for future generations. FSC certification means that the paper used for our boxes has been sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

Packaging inside our boxes

Compared to supermarkets, we keep our packaging very minimal. However, as we want to keep our ingredients as fresh as possible, so that when you open them you can savour every bite, we do have to package some of our ingredients. Our boxes, brown bags and some of our ingredients' packaging can be recycled like your normal items at home. Our wool liners are bio-degradable so they are great for compost if you're a gardening enthusiast!

We can also re-use your wool liners if you send them to us by following four simple steps:
  • After enjoying your HelloFresh meals, fill one box with as many wool liners as possible. Please keep them carefully, they need to be intact and clean for return. We can't re-use any damaged wool liners. The more liners per return, the lower our carbon footprint.
  • Once your box is full, click here. Enter your e-mail address, and print the label.
  • Locate your nearest Collect+ store (there are over 5,800 in the UK), and shepherd your box to the store whenever you can.

  • If you have any queries, or just want to chat recycling, contact us at or on 0207 138 9055.