How HelloFresh works

HelloFresh is the easy way to cook delicious meals at home.

1. Pick a plan

1. Pick a plan

Whether cooking for yourself or your household, we have a flexible plan to match your lifestyle. Need to cancel, change meals, or skip a week? Not a problem.
2. Fresh ingredients delivered

2. Fresh ingredients delivered

We deliver your step-by-step recipes and all the fresh pre-portioned ingredients you need, straight to your door.
3. Cook, eat, enjoy!

3. Cook, eat, enjoy!

The old “what do you want to eat?” conversation is about to be banished from your life. Welcome to a world where dinner is always planned, simple, and delicious.

Meal planning made easy with our app

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Choose your menu in a few taps
Meal planning and cooking guidance
Flexible account for easy subscription management in the app
Alter your delivery day and time on the go
Sign up and get 60% off your 1st box & free dessert for life!
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  • Deliciousness


    Our chef-created recipes are tested 200 times to ensure your meals are as delicious to eat as they are easy to make.

  • Simplicity


    From step-by-step recipes to no-hassle account changes, we make your life easier every way we can.

  • Flexibility


    We accommodate every appetite, household size, and schedule. Need to skip a week or cancel? No problem.

  • Stress-free


    Take back your evenings with fewer trips to the store, pre-planned meals, and little cleanup.

  • Dietarily diverse

    Dietarily diverse

    Picky appetites welcome! Tell us what you like and don’t like, and we’ll recommend something delicious.

  • No waste

    No waste

    It’s easy being green with our pre-measured ingredients and recyclable materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any commitments?
Nope. HelloFresh is a flexible subscription service. You can modify, pause, or cancel 5 days before your next delivery.
Can I select my meals?
Yes! Customers can choose their meals every week.
What if I'm not home?
Delivery times are from 8 am to 8 pm on the day you choose. If you’re not at home, don’t worry! You can always add special delivery instructions to your account. You can also change your delivery day online if you need to.
How will my food stay cool?
We carefully handpack all ingredients with special ice packs and insulation, so your food keeps cool until you get home.
What if there are certain foods I don't eat?
Every recipe comes with detailed nutritional information, including food allergies. You can find this info on all recipe cards and online when you choose your meals.
What if I don't want a delivery every week?
No worries. You can easily skip a week (or several!) when you need to. HelloFresh is a flexible subscription service. You can modify, pause, or cancel 5 days before your next delivery.