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Are delivered recipe boxes worth the expense?

“Recipe boxes' are one way to save on time. The delivered-to-your-door food boxes contain all the ingredients and recipes to prepare meals at home”

Brussels sprouts are no longer the 'most disliked' food in the UK

“Meal kit provider HelloFresh has revealed that a new food has taken the crown as the number one most hated by Brits - and that's olives”

The UK’s best recipe boxes

“If you are really looking to take out all the preparatory steps of cooking, HelloFresh’s recipe boxes are an appealing proposition.”

Best meal delivery service

“Hello Fresh offers some of the easiest-to-follow recipes around”

These are the best healthy meal delivery services you can get direct to your door

“My fiancé and I travel often and HelloFresh allows us to pick and choose which weeks we actually want food delivered.”


Parents are wasting food as kids refuse to eat at least two meals a week

“A research carried out by HelloFresh UK, revealed that nearly 50 per cent of parents feel obliged to cook more than one different meal each night”

Most couples have the same meals every week

“A quarter of British couples are too tired to experiment with evening meals when they get home from work, according to research.“

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45 percent of parents make more than one evening meal to appease fussy eaters, reveals meal kit provider, HelloFresh UK

A survey of 2,000 parents of kids aged four to 16 found three in five consider their child a fussy eater.


A home-cooked meal, two hours in front of the TV and bed by 10:45pm is the recipe for a ‘perfect night in’ reveals study by meal kit provider HelloFresh UK

The poll of 2,000 adults has revealed 78 per cent of Brits are opting to stay in from the cold and dark instead of going on a night out.

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