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Christmas Box FAQs 2021

When will the Christmas Box be delivered?

The Christmas Box is a one-off order and will be delivered to your chosen address on the 22nd December.

Please remember that the cut-off for ordering the Christmas box is the 12th of December, so get your order in quick!

Do I receive a whole turkey or turkey crown in my box?

If you’re ordering a Christmas box for 4-6 people, you’ll get a turkey crown. Our larger boxes for 8-10 people contain a whole turkey. We’ve done it this way to make sure there’s the right amount of turkey for everyone around the table, while also, helping you to reduce food waste.

Will there be Christmas themed recipes in your weekly boxes?

The recipes in our regular weekly boxes will offer a variety of classic winter warmers, and upcoming Christmas themed recipes. Make sure you check out our regular menu nearer the time to see our latest offerings.

What's the cut off date for ordering a Christmas box?

In the same way as our subscription, we need to have a cut-off point for the ingredients to be ordered from our suppliers. This way we can make sure we only order exactly what we need. As a result, we’ve made the deadline to order or make any amendments to your Christmas box, Sunday, 12th December at 11:59 PM.

How long will my Christmas meal take to prep?

To save you time on the day, we’ve split the cooking prep into ‘the night before’ and ‘the day of’. Our step-by-step recipe cards will be your saving grace, walking you through every part of your Christmas feast with tricks and tips along the way.

Total cooking times for 4-6 people are 3-4 hours the night before and 4-5 hours on the day. For 8-10 people you will need 3.5-4.5 hours the night before and 5.5-6 hours on the day. Don’t worry, you won’t be in the kitchen the whole time as we’ve tried to help you finish the majority of the prep work the day before! Remember, the recipe cards will be available closer to Christmas for you to get prepared way ahead.

Can I order more than one Christmas Box?

Yes, you can buy as many as you like, they'll just need to be placed as separate orders. To order your Christmas Boxes, please follow this link. Enjoy!

Can I order a Christmas box if I don't have a HelloFresh subscription?

Of course you can. You don't need a HelloFresh subscription to order our Traditional Christmas Box. Just follow this link to order your box.

Do I need to skip my subscription if I order the Christmas Box?

If you have a subscription with HelloFresh, ordering our Christmas Box won’t mean that you skip your regular box. If you don’t want to receive your weekly box alongside the Christmas one, make sure you log into your account and skip your delivery for that week.

Will I need to buy any special ingredients?

Everything you need will be delivered pre-portioned for you. Just like our subscription boxes, we make sure you have everything to cook up a delicious Christmas feast. You'll just need some basics like oil, salt and pepper.

Can I order from my account if I have a HelloFresh subscription?

The Christmas box is a separate order and you are not committed to a subscription after you've enjoyed the festive period.

As it's a one-off specialty box please use this link to place your order. You will also be able to view the full delicious recipe and see what to expect.

Is there a Veggie Christmas Box?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a veggie option in our Christmas Box. However, we will have a veggie roast alternative on the menu for our boxes over the festive period, so make sure you check out our regular menus nearer the time.

Will the Christmas recipe be easy to follow?

Absolutely. Our step-by-step recipes and timing plan will take all the stress out of cooking your festive feast.

There will also be instructions for you to get ready for the big day. By preparing all the small bits the day before, you'll be able to make sure everything is ready for the big feast.

Will my Christmas box stay fresh if I'm not home to accept delivery?

Yes, your delivery will come in a large box, specially hand-packed and well insulated to keep everything fresh. If you select to have dessert and/or cheese and you would like to feed 8-10 people, the ingredients will be separated into two boxes.

We recommend, you transfer all chilled items to the fridge the same day of the delivery.

What is different from last year's Christmas box?

We've taken your feedback onboard to make some of our recipes even tastier and easier to make! The new recipes are:
  • Peas
  • White Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cheesecake (dessert)

These recipes have been rigorously tested by our in-house chefs and we hope you’ll agree that they're absolutely delicious.