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Premiumwith Creamed Spinach and Rainbow Carrots
45 minutes560 kcal
Premiumwith Black Garlic Sauce, Veggies and Roasted Potatoes
40 minutes437 kcal
Premiumwith Garlicky Green Beans
40 minutes808 kcal
Premiumwith Honey Rosemary Carrots and Roast Potatoes
45 minutes722 kcal
Premiumwith Lyonnaise Potatoes and Peppercorn Sauce
45 minutes671 kcal
Premiumwith Roast Potatoes, Asparagus and Aioli
35 minutes576 kcal
Premiumwith Fondant Potatoes, Cavelo Nero, and a Wild Mushroom Sauce
45 minutes568 kcal
Premiumwith Roasted New Potatoes, Asparagus and Baby Plum Tomatoes
40 minutes507 kcal
Premiumwith Roasted Potatoes and Peppercorn Sauce
45 minutes683 kcal
Premiumwith Asparagus, Leeks and Dukkah
45 minutes721 kcal
Custom recipewith Premium Tomato Salsa and Asparagus
30 minutes914 kcal
with Premium Tomato Salsa and Asparagus
30 minutes716 kcal
Premiumwith Hasselback Potatoes and Truffle Mushroom Sauce
45 minutes526 kcal
Premiumwith Mustard Seed Fried Asparagus, Tenderstem & Samphire and a Peanut Coriander Pesto
45 minutes491 kcal
Premiumwith Bacon Jam and Peashoot Salad
35 minutes823 kcal
Premiumwith Red Wine Jus and Garlicky Green Beans
40 minutes672 kcal
Street Foodwith Rosemary Wedges, Baby Leaf and Tomato Salad
40 minutes824 kcal
Premiumwith Roast Potatoes and Multicoloured Carrots
35 minutes664 kcal
Premiumwith Coconut Rice and Mango Salsa
30 minutes774 kcal
with Lemony Courgette Salad
25 minutes697 kcal
Premiumwith Spicy Mayo, Sesame Tenderstem and Roasted Potatoes
30 minutes681 kcal
PremiumWith Dauphinoise Potatoes and Orange Sauce
40 minutes1099 kcal
Premiumwith Lyonnaise Potatoes and Peppercorn Sauce
45 minutes668 kcal
Premiumwith Herby Feta Bulgur Wheat, Roasted Red Pepper and Rocket
35 minutes687 kcal
Street Foodwith Tomato and Avo Salsa, Cheesy Fries and Sour Cream
35 minutes1182 kcal
Extra RapidReady in 10 | Three Steps
10 minutes1069 kcal
Premiumwith Honey Roasted Corn and Potato Wedges
35 minutes874 kcal
Premiumwith Garlicky Green Beans
40 minutes760 kcal
Premiumwith New Potatoes and Chive Butter Sauce
40 minutes445 kcal
with Walnuts, Fresh Lemon & Dill
25 minutes582 kcal