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Chicken Recipes and Meal Ideas

With many different chicken dishes to choose from, you’ll never get bored exploring all our amazing chicken dishes. Easily transform your meals with our amazing recipes for chicken that combine this versatile protein with fresh produce and aromatic spices.

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Chicken: A Dinnertime Favourite

Chicken is a remarkably versatile dish for mealtimes, offering endless possibilities for flavorful and satisfying meals. From classic favourites like roast chicken with vegetables to more creative options like chicken stir-fry or creamy chicken pasta, there is no shortage of chicken dinner ideas to please every palate. Whether you're looking for quick and easy chicken dishes for a family dinner or elaborate chicken meal ideas for date night, this versatile protein can be transformed into countless delicious and nutritious meals.

Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes

It’s not just beef that has different cuts. Chicken thigh and chicken breast recipes offer completely different taste experiences; with juicy and flavourful chicken thighs perfect for braising or grilling, while lean and versatile chicken breasts lend themselves well to baking, sautéing, or being used in salads.

Chicken Breast Recipes

As mentioned earlier, chicken breasts are perfect for many recipes, including a wide range of chicken salads. Our favourite lemongrass chicken breast banh mi style salad has been expertly designed by our chefs as a lighter option to help with a balanced lifestyle. This chicken breast recipe harnesses the soft and tender mouthfeel of the breast cut. Another classic chicken breast recipe is the chicken stir-fry, with zesty rice and tender chicken, this recipe is perfect for hearty mealtimes and leftovers for lunch.

Chicken Thigh Recipes

Alternatively, chicken thigh recipes are equally a culinary delight, offering a succulent and tender texture that is perfect for grilling, baking, or pan-searing. Whether it's flavourful sticky hoisin chicken thighs or an aromatic chicken curry, chicken thighs are known for their richness and ability to absorb and enhance various flavours, making them a versatile choice for creating delicious and satisfying meals.

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