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Beef Recipes and Hearty Beef Dishes

From hearty beef burgers and meatballs, to roast beef with your Sunday dinner and even steak tacos, beef is not only tasty, but also infinitely versatile. Discover our most beloved beef dishes for dinner or special occasions in our beef recipe collection!

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Recipes with Beef

Beef is one of the handiest ingredients to have at your disposal when it comes to dinnertime; not only can beef be used for making pies, pastas, curries and stews, but it’s also freezable, meaning it can help you cut down on your food waste too.
Some of the most popular recipes with beef include:
  • Beef tenderloin: Cut from the loin of beef, beef tenderloin is a high-quality cut, boasting a mild and buttery flavour. Try this beef tenderloin recipe, accompanied by burst balsamic tomatoes, cheesy potato rounds and roasted Brussels sprouts. For more on how to cook steak, and the different cuts of beef, head over to our blog.
  • Beef burgers: Beef burger recipes are simple, quick and fun to try with the family. Why not get the kids involved in making beef burgers with truffle wedges for tea?
  • Roast beef: A Sunday dinner classic has to be roast beef! We love nothing more than a good roast beef with roasties and gravy and this deliciously simple, chef-curated roast beef recipe doesn't disappoint.
  • Beef wellington: Made from fillet steak pieces coated with pâté and duxelles, wrapped in puff pastry, then baked, a beef wellington is popular at Christmas but can equally be enjoyed all year round. As for the vegetarians, this cheesy rosemary mushroom wellington is a great option.
  • Beef stew: Hearty beef stew recipes are great for when you need warming up, or even when you’re under the weather. Warming, simple to prep and packed with fresh, good-for-you ingredients, our Middle Eastern beef stew is an autumn-winter go-to!

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