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Make your next date night extra special with romantic food you can enjoy together.

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Date Night Ideas and Inspiration

7 Date Night Ideas

Whether you’re hoping to make a good impression on a first or second date, or keeping your romantic spark alive with a date night for your partner, there’s plenty of date night ideas out there. Why not take a look at these romantic date night ideas for some inspiration:
  1. Pack up a Picnic: Pack up their favourite snacks, and perhaps your tipple of choice, with a picnic blanket and head to the park. You can use our charcuterie board ideas for inspiration on what to pack in your picnic basket, and how to display them once you arrive. Or why not have a picnic in the evening and cosy up, enjoying stargazing together.
  2. Enjoy a Games Night: Whether it’s board games, playing cards or video games, a games night can be the perfect fun activity for a date night with a difference.
  3. Wine Tasting: Use date night as an opportunity to create your very own sommelier experience in your own home, pairing different wines with cheeses to offset the perfect romantic evening vibe.
  4. Outdoor Adventure: Go for a walk, hike or bike ride in a romantic spot. Whether it’s somewhere you’ve never been before, or an old favourite, there’s nothing like an outdoor adventure to set the mood for love.
  5. Film Night: Transform your living room into a cosy at-home cinema, complete with dimmed lights, your favourite snacks, and select the perfect film as a backdrop for your evening of romance.
  6. Live Performance: Attend a concert, theatre show, or comedy night for a cultural experience you’ll both love.
  7. Cook a Romantic Meal: Whether you test out a new recipe or stick to something you know they’ll love, food is the way to many people’s hearts, which is why cooking a romantic meal is a popular date night choice.

Romantic Meal and Date Night Dinner Ideas

If cooking a romantic meal sounds like your perfect sort of evening, why not take a look through some of our favourite date night dinner ideas, and why we love them so much:
  • Sirloin steak with all the trimmings
    • This steak recipe hits a little different, and that’s down to the addition of our expert team’s take on Lyonnaise potatoes. This side dish uses red onion instead of white for a vibrant colour, whilst still packing the same flavour. Your date can’t fail to be impressed by this one.
  • Roasted duck leg
    • Certain to impress, this elegant duck recipe comes with a red wine sauce, as well as potatoes and cavolo nero.
  • Margarita inspired risotto
    • Risotto is a dish that requires a little extra time and effort, which is perfect for anyone setting out to impress on a date night. If you know your date will love a risotto recipe, our vegetarian margarita inspired risotto is a fail-safe option.
  • Fried bean and mushroom tacos
    • a Mexican meal is perfect for any date night. This lighter option is a great vegetarian date night choice, and is a great one to cook together in the kitchen.
  • Indulgent coconut chocolate pot
    • Finish off your date night dinner with an indulgent coconut chocolate pot. This simple to make romantic dessert combines creamy and sweet coconut milk and chocolate with pistachios and flaked almonds for a sweet pot that packs a crunch.
Take a look at our romantic Valentine’s Day meals for more on aphrodisiacs and using food as your language of love.

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