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Greek Recipes and Delicious Greek Dishes to Enjoy

Hummus, pita, gyros and more – these are some of the delicious foods you can look forward to in our Greek recipe collection. Sprinkle on some fresh herbs or homemade tzatziki and you’ve got yourself a delicious Greek dinner thanks to HelloFresh.

Greek Recipes

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Greek Recipes and Greek Meal Ideas

If you’re looking to bring a taste of Greece to your home, browse our Greek food recipes for the perfect dish to wake your taste buds. Some of our favourite traditional Greek recipes include:
  • Greek meatballs: Also known as keftedes, a traditional Greek meatball recipe is made with a mix of lamb, beef, mint, oregano, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin and garlic. Fry the meatballs until browned and then try them with your homemade tzatziki! You can add a small plate of Greek meatballs to your Greek mezze too.
  • Moussaka: One of the most loved Greek recipes the world over is moussaka. This veggie moussaka is a particular favourite of ours.</li>
  • Greek ragu: The gentle, warm tang of the tomatoes blends like a charm with flaked almonds and aubergines in this Greek dish. Greek ragu is also a kid-friendly recipe we’re certain everyone around your table will love.

Greek Dishes: Building a Greek Mezze Platter as a Side or Starter

Bursting with Mediterranean flavours, Greek meals are one thing, but the moreish side dishes in a Greek mezze platter are another. Here are just some of the most popular Greek dishes that make up a mezze:

  • Halloumi: No Greek dish is complete without halloumi. The creamy and salty combination that halloumi will bring to your Greek dishes is a treat for the senses. We love how halloumi can be grilled or fried for an indulgent, gooey addition to salads or as a side combined with a chilli dip.
  • Olives: Any olives bring a Mediterranean feel to your table top, but the meaty mouthfeel of kalamata olives inject a true slice of Greece into your Greek mezze.
  • Breads with dips: Bread with hummus, olive oil or skordalia are very popular Greek side dishes.
  • Vegetables such as grilled aubergine: There are many ways to cook aubergine for a mezze, but an easy Greek recipe is to grill slices with olive oil, salt and oregano. When cooked, sprinkle some feta cheese and fresh parsley on top before serving.
  • Tzatziki: A well-known Greek dip or sauce, and a typical mezze feature, tzatziki is a simple dip you can make at home. Grate the cucumber and drain any excess liquid through a sieve or cloth. Combine yoghurt, minced garlic, oil and salt, before adding the cucumber and some fresh dill.
  • Dolmades: These can be tricky to make, but once you have the rolling technique down they’ll be the star of your platter. Sauté onions with parsley, salt, pepper and lemon, then add dry rice and let it parboil with water. Roll small spoons of the mixture into vine leaves and layer your rolls in a large pot. Pour in enough water to cover the dolmades, then simmer until the rice is cooked.

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