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Middle eastern Recipes

Looking for Middle eastern recipes? We’ve got you covered with a wide variety of simple, delicious, and easy to follow options you’ll love.
94 recipes found
Rapidwith Herby Tabbouleh and Plum Salsa
20 minutes536 kcal
BalancedWith Kale & Harissa
45 minutes547 kcal
Rapidwith Tomato & Lettuce Salad on Naan Bread
20 minutes825 kcal
Family Friendlywith Bulgur Wheat
35 minutes741 kcal
Family Friendlywith Root Vegetable Salad and Garlic Yogurt Dressing
40 minutes566 kcal
Street Foodwith Halloumi & Sweet Potato Fries and Garlicky Yoghurt
45 minutes1292 kcal
with Red Lentils, Minty Yoghurt and Cumin Rice
40 minutes753 kcal
Rapidwith Couscous and Charred Courgette
20 minutes604 kcal
veggiewith Roasted Root Veggies and Bulgur Wheat
35 minutes747 kcal
Rapidwith Chickpeas and Couscous
20 minutes681 kcal
with Tenderstem Broccoli
40 minutes587 kcal
with Charred Courgettes and Orange Parsley Salsa
30 minutes624 kcal
Ghormeh Sabzi with Fluffy Rice and Yoghurt
30 minutes585 kcal
with Halloumi and Dukkah Roast Veggies
30 minutes667 kcal
with Fragrant Couscous and Orange Dressing
25 minutes485 kcal
with Bulgur Wheat
30 minutes493 kcal
with Zesty Courgette Pilaf
30 minutes646 kcal
with Apricot, Flaked Almonds and Cooling Yoghurt (5 MEAL)
40 minutes675 kcal
with Linda McCartney Meatballs, Roasted Sweet Potato & Couscous
40 minutes733 kcal
Family Friendlywith Cumin Rice
30 minutes570 kcal
with Charred Courgette, Couscous and Flaked Almonds
35 minutes750 kcal
with Raisins and Slow Roasted Tomatoes
40 minutes690 kcal
with Sweet Potato & Cheesy Green Beans
35 minutes705 kcal
Rapidwith Bulgur and Green Bean Tabbouleh
20 minutes528 kcal
with Lentils & Chickpeas
30 minutes647 kcal
with Caramelised Red Onion and Lentils
35 minutes573 kcal
with Roasted Butternut, Sumac and Feta
40 minutes761 kcal