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Discover dozens of tasty pasta dishes today; from family-friendly spaghetti Bolognese to pasta bakes, you’ll find the perfect pasta recipes right here.

Pasta Dishes To Please All Tastes

At HelloFresh, we celebrate cuisines from all over the world, including French, American and Korean food, but if there’s one country’s food that consistently steals the hearts of the nation, it’s Italian. Renowned for their unrivalled pasta dishes, even the simplest of pasta recipes are certain to please everyone at your dinner table.
Some of our most popular, easy pasta dishes include:
So, if you’re looking for pasta meals to make dinnertime even easier, why not opt for our weekly food box and add flavoursome pasta dishes to your weekly meal plan.

When Is World Pasta Day?

World Pasta Day takes place annually on the 25th of October. Established in 1995, World Pasta Day is used to promote the eating of pasta, as well as celebrating its cultural and culinary importance. Back in 1995, Check out forty pasta producers from around the world gathered to hold the first World Pasta Congress. Ever since then, people from all corners of the globe celebrate the day by cooking and sharing their favourite pasta dish with friends and family.

What is the Most Popular Pasta Dish in the UK?

It’s safe to say that pasta is the UK’s favourite. A recent YouGov survey found that a whopping 68% of Brits eat pasta at least once a week, and 42% do so multiple times.

By analysing the average number of searches per month for each type of pasta, our data revealed that rigatoni was ranked as the UK’s favourite pasta dish in 2022 with over 40,000 monthly searches, closely followed by lasagne, orzo and tagliatelle all with over 33,000 average monthly searches.

The UK’s Most Popular Pastas Are:

  1. Rigatoni - 40,500 average monthly searches
  2. Lasagne - 33,100 average monthly searches
  3. Orzo - 33,100 average monthly searches
  4. Tagliatelle - 33,100 average monthly searches
  5. Spaghetti - 27,100 average monthly searches
  6. Tortellini - 27,100 average monthly searches
  7. Linguine - 22,200 average monthly searches
  8. Ravioli - 22,200 average monthly searches
  9. Cannelloni - 18,100 average monthly searches
  10. Fettuccine - 18,100 average monthly searches

What Is The Most Popular Pasta In Europe?

Our data revealed that lasagne was ranked as Europe’s favourite pasta dish in 2022 with over 660,000 average monthly searches, closely followed by tagliatelle, rigatoni and spaghetti all with over 270,000 average monthly searches.

Europe’s Most Popular Pastas Are:

  1. Lasagne - 661,700 average monthly searches
  2. Tagliatelle - 343,300 average monthly searches
  3. Rigatoni - 274,280 average monthly searches
  4. Spaghetti - 270,200 average monthly searches
  5. Tortellini - 254,900 average monthly searches
  6. Ravioli - 232,200 average monthly searches
  7. Cannelloni - 226,000 average monthly searches
  8. Orzo - 157,170 average monthly searches
  9. Linguine - 154560 average monthly searches
  10. Fettuccine - 119,100 average monthly searches

Interestingly, the interest in vegetarian and vegan varieties of lasagne appears to be on the rise in Europe too, as average monthly searches across many European countries reach new highs.
  • Sweden - ‘vegetarisk lasagne’ - 20k average monthly searchesv
  • Germany - ‘vegetarische lasagne’ - 18k average monthly searches
  • Italy - ‘lasagne vegetariane’ - 13k average monthly searches
  • France - ‘lasagne végétarienne’ - 13k average monthly searches
  • Netherlands - ‘vegetarische lasagne’ - 5.4k average monthly searches
  • Norway - ‘vegetar lasagne’ - 1.4k average monthly searches
  • Austrian - ‘vegane lasagne’ - 1k average monthly searches
  • Hungary - ‘vega lasagne’ - 900 average monthly searches

Pasta and Sauce Pairing Guide

Pairing your favourite pasta with the perfect sauce is the key part to a great dish. Our expert chefs looked at what types of sauce go best with each pasta to make for a tasty meal. Follow our pasta and sauce pairings guide below and you can’t go far wrong.

  • Spaghetti, Linguine with Seafood sauce, light, oil-based sauces
  • Tagliatelle, pappardelle, fettuccine with Rich meaty sauces (bolognese)
  • Conchiglie, lumache with Meat or heavy cream sauces
  • Fusilli, trofie with Light, smooth sauces (pesto)
  • Macaroni, penne, rigatoni with Baked cheese sauces, vegetable, bolognese
  • Orzo, fregola, canestrini with Soups and stews
  • Ravioli, tortellini and cappelletti with Simple butter or oil sauce

We know pasta is a popular meal here in the UK, and it’s no surprise that rigatoni was high on the list. This warm, hearty dish is perfect for families and those wanting to batch make meals to last a few nights.

Our data shows that people are certainly experimenting with flavours in rigatoni. With searches for different ingredients growing in popularity. Our data also highlighted that people across Europe aren’t only desiring classic lasagne, but vegetarian and vegan varieties too.

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