How to make irresistible pasta dishes

Who does not love pasta? It is a versatile ingredient that you can cook exactly as you want. At HelloFresh you can find exciting pasta dishes from all over the world and all time favorite dishes that are loved by the whole family.

Festive Potato and Parsnip Dauphinoise

with Hazelnut Crumb | Perfect for Sharing

Veggie Laksa Soup with King Prawns

with Mushrooms and Green Pepper

Roasted Cauliflower and Harissa Lentil Pie

with Cheesy Chive Mash Top

Creamy Truffle and Mushroom Rigatoni

with Tenderstem® Broccoli and Walnuts

Smoky BBQ Chicken & Black Bean Loaded Wedges

with Chipotle, Cheese and Spring Onions

Festive Roast Lamb and Red Wine Jus

with Roast Potatoes, Honey Glazed Root Veg and Mint Sauce

Pan-Fried Monkfish and Creamy Tagliatelle

with Serrano Ham and Slow Roasted Garlic Tomatoes

Cheesy Mushroom, Squash & Hazelnut Wellington

with Crispy Smashed Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

Herb Crusted Salmon Fillet

with Cheesy Dauphinoise and Sugar Snap Peas

Pesto Crusted Cod

with Mashed Potato, Roasted Carrots and Butter Sauce

Spicy Cajun Prawn Risotto

with Lemon Crumb and Spring Onions

Pork Steaks and Peppercorn Sauce

with Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli

Chilli Beef Burrito Bowl

with Rice, Zesty Soured Cream and Baby Gem Salad

Creamy Aubergine Curry

with Mushrooms, Lentils and Potatoes

Glazed Chicken & Pepper Stir-Fry

with Bulgur Wheat and Spring Onion

Refried Bean and Halloumi Tacos

with Chipotle Mayo and Baby Gem

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