Goat’s Cheese Recipes - There's Plenty of Choice for Dinner Tonight

Soft, creamy and earthy, goat’s cheese makes a great addition to many dishes. Find your perfect goat’s cheese recipe today.

What Pairs Well with Goat’s Cheese?

Goat’s cheese is soft, creamy and almost nutty in flavour, making it perfect for many recipes. If you’re wondering what sort of ingredients pair well with goat’s cheese, you’re in the right place. Our Senior Recipe Development Manager, Mimi Morley, suggests the following ingredients pair well with goat’s cheese, and gives her expert take on exactly why the flavours work so perfectly.

Fruits: Figs, apples, pears, blueberries and raspberries add a delicious natural sweetness and acidity to dishes that balance the tanginess of goat's cheese. Their different textures also provide a pleasant mouthfeel when matched with the cheese's creaminess.

Vegetables: Tomatoes, radishes and spinach are excellent vegetables to pair with goat’s cheese, thanks to their earthy, sweet and slightly bitter flavours. Not just that, but these vegetables add a crisp element to dishes and please the eyes of the eater with their bright and colourful appearance. After all, it is said we all ‘eat with our eyes’ too!

Nuts: Nuts such as walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios and almonds offer an earthy flavour and crunchy texture that contrast with the creamy goat’s cheese. This is why they make excellent goat’s cheese salad toppers. Our goat’s cheese, fig and walnut salad recipe will take just five minutes to rustle up, so why not give it a try for dinner tonight?

Goat’s Cheese Pairing Ideas

Herbs and Spices: Herbs such as thyme and rosemary, and seasoning like black pepper, will add an aromatic and spicy note to dishes, that enhances the goat’s cheese flavour to no end.

Breads and Crackers: Baguettes, whole grain crackers and sourdough breads are excellent bases for goat's cheese recipes. Their light and airy textures, and mild flavour complement the cheese without overpowering it.

Meats: Meats such as prosciutto and salami add a salty yet savoury note to goat’s cheese dishes that complements the tangy flavour of the cheese, enhancing its richness and depth. This is why you’ll often see meats such as these combined with cheeses on a cheese board; for more details on what cheeses to pair with goat’s cheese, see our expert-curated cheese board ideas here.

Wines: In terms of alcohol drink pairings, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Rosé are ideal pairings because of their acidity and slightly fruity flavours. Mimi suggests that these types of wines will elevate the goat’s cheese flavour and create a balanced palate experience, which is good to bear in mind for impressing guests at dinner parties or enjoying a romantic meal.

Goat's Cheese Recipe FAQs

What does goat’s cheese taste like?

Depending on how it's made and how it has aged, the taste of goat’s cheese can range from tangy and nutty, to mild, smooth and even sweet. Goat’s cheese has earthy undertones, often with an acidity which gives goat’s cheese recipes their kick.

Can you freeze goat’s cheese?

Yes, you can freeze goat’s cheese to prevent food waste and extend its shelf life. However, unlike some other cheeses which freeze well, goat’s cheese can become crumbly when thawed, although the flavour typically does remain the same pre and post freezing.

Is goat’s cheese dairy?

Yes, goat’s cheese is a dairy product. As with other dairy products, goat's cheese contains lactose and proteins similar to those found in milk, deeming it unsuitable for those following a vegan diet.

How is goat’s cheese made?

Goat's cheese is made by curdling goat's milk with rennet (a set of enzymes), then draining and shaping the curds which remain. Goat’s cheese is versatile as it can be consumed freshly made or left to age and develop different flavours and textures. Both fresh or aged goat’s cheese are perfect in dishes such as salads, risottos and pizzas.

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