Kid Friendly Dinner Ideas and Recipes

Our family dinner ideas made with kids in mind make cooking for your loved ones easy and fun. Discover a diverse collection of kid friendly meals and recipes that aren’t only easy to prepare, but also so tasty that they’ll please even your pickiest eaters.

Caprese Bruschetta with Double Serrano Crisps

and Caramelised Red Onion Rocket Salad

Cajun Chicken Breast, Chorizo and Tomato Pasta

Quick Minted Lamb Burger

with Beetroot Salad

Indian Baked Eggs

with Chickpeas, Naans and Mango Chutney Yoghurt

Poudre de Colombo Spiced Chicken Thighs and Prawn Skewers

with Rice and Beans and Buttery Limey Corn on the Cob

Honey and Sesame Crusted Halloumi

with Tabbouleh

Surf and Turf: Sirloin Steak and King Prawns

with Wedges, Asparagus and a Charred Lemon and Garlic Butter

Cheesy Pizza

with Garlicky Mushrooms and Tomato Salad

Satay Style Beef Mince and Noodles

with Red Pepper and Mangetout

Hunters Chicken Pasta with Fresh Tagliatelle

Ready in 10 | Three Steps

Creamy Sausage and Pancetta Carbonara

with Garlicky Mushrooms

Warm Lentil Salad

with Roast Butternut and Minted Feta

Sausage Banh-Mi

with Cucumber and Carrot Pickle and Wedges

Peanut Butter Chickpea Curry

with Roasted Broccoli and Basmati Rice

Miso Glazed Aubergine Tacos

with Wedges, Pickled Red Onions and Sesame Mayo

Cajun Prawns

With Wedges, Beans & Lime Mayo

Cajun Chicken Thigh, Chorizo and Tomato Pasta

with Italian Style Grated Cheese

Venison Rogan Josh Style Curry

with Peppers, Ginger Rice and Toasted Almonds

Chermoula Lamb Skewers and Lemon Oregano Chicken

with Zhoug Orzo and Charred Pepper and Roasted Aubergine Feta Salad

Cobb Salad with Chicken Breast and Bacon

with Roasted Garlic Yoghurt Dressing

Herby Chicken & Bacon

with Red Onion Mash and Garlicky Beans

Middle Eastern Aubergine and Pepper Harissa Tacos

with Feta and Wedges

Fried Egg and Spicy Rice

with Green Beans, Green Pepper and Peanuts

Mediterranean Lamb Loin with Garlicky Crushed Potatoes

with Feta Roasted Aubergine, Roasted Tomatoes and Salsa Verde

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