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Best Recipes with Spinach and Meal Ideas

Looking to switch up your everyday dinner menu? Our delicious spinach recipes will have you cooking up fresh meals in no time!

Check out our top vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian Recipes with Spinach

Check out our delicious vegetarian spinach recipes below!

Spinach Recipes Indian

Check our Indian spinach recipes below to satisfy your cravings for saag, paneer, curry and more.

Further Spinach Recipes Indian

Spinach Salad Recipes

Ideal for every season, spinach recipes with salad are a fuss-free, light meal choice. Explore exciting recipe options below.

Easy Spinach Recipes

Dinner time has never been easier thanks to our selection of super quick, easy spinach recipes.

Baby Spinach Recipes

Enjoy new flavours and cuisines with our baby spinach recipes below.

Recipes for Sauteed Spinach

Love sauteed spinach? Our recipes below are perfect for you!

Is spinach a superfood?

Spinach: ‘superfood’ benefits and fresh, bitter flavour

Spinach (otherwise known as spinach oleracea) originated in Persia and has become renowned around the world for its ‘superfood’ benefits and fresh, bitter flavour. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants such as iron, folate and vitamin K, C and A, spinach may help reduce the chances of certain illnesses and diseases, as well as high blood pressure and also support energy levels while promoting good vision and heart health.

A versatile leafy green, spinach can be eaten raw, sauteed, boiled or stir-fried into almost any dish - some of the most popular being salads, pasta and stews. Spinach is an easy way of getting your fresh fix of greens with every meal that helps you live a healthy, balanced diet. At HelloFresh, our selection of spinach recipes have something for vegetarians, vegans and everyone in between.

How to: Spinach - FAQs

How to cook spinach?

Spinach can be cooked in multiple ways, including blanched and wilted. It’s important to note though that due to spinach being 91% water it will wilt down very quickly and you will need to remove the excess water so that it isn’t soggy. At HelloFresh, all of our meal boxes come with step-by-step instructions on how to cook your ingredients the correct way.

Is spinach good for you?

Yes. Due to being low calorie and packed full of nutrients and antioxidants spinach is generally classed as a health food.

Is spinach a protein?

Spinach is a vegetable and not a protein as it has a very low protein content of only 0.7g per cup.

How much iron is in spinach?

There is 2.7mg of iron per 100g of spinach.

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Recipes you'll love!
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Recipes you'll love!

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