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African Recipes

Looking for African recipes? We’ve got you covered with a wide variety of simple, delicious, and easy to follow options you’ll love.
10 recipes found
South African Red | 75 cl | 2018 | 13.5%
0 minutes0 kcal
Balancedwith Steamed Basmati Rice
20 minutes536 kcal
Rapidwith Green Pepper and Steamed Basmati Rice
15 minutes454 kcal
with Coconut, Lime and Fragrant Rice
40 minutes662 kcal
with Fragrant Rice
30 minutes562 kcal
with Yellow Rice
40 minutes620 kcal
Chermoula Sauce and Yoghurt
30 minutes702 kcal
with Spiced Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes & Lemony Yoghurt
35 minutes439 kcal
with Chorizo Lentils and Roasted Peppers
40 minutes554 kcal