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Indian Recipes

Looking for Indian recipes? We’ve got you covered with a wide variety of simple, delicious, and easy to follow options you’ll love.
110 recipes found
Street Foodwith Sweet Potato Fries, Lettuce, Tomato & Pickled Onion
40 minutes0 kcal
with Naan Bread
20 minutes768 kcal
Rapidwith Basmati Rice
20 minutes814 kcal
with Green Peppers and Cardamom Rice
25 minutes710 kcal
with Garlicky Cabbage
45 minutes489 kcal
Balancedwith Red Pepper
35 minutes536 kcal
Family Friendlywith Cashews and Fluffy Rice
35 minutes770 kcal
Rapidwith Mini Naans
20 minutes770 kcal
with Mango Chutney, Green Pepper and Potato Wedges
35 minutes1106 kcal
Balancedwith Plum Tomatoes and Basmati Rice
30 minutes525 kcal
with Garlicky Greens and Naan
35 minutes891 kcal
Street Foodwith Garlicky Naan and Zahtar Sweet Potato Fries
25 minutes769 kcal
Familywith Roasted Broccoli and Basmati Rice
25 minutes849 kcal
with Spiced Beef Kofta and Jewelled Couscous Salad
50 minutes830 kcal
Balancedwith Spinach and Brown Rice
35 minutes515 kcal
with Fluffy Rice and Courgette
30 minutes582 kcal
10min Expresswith Courgette and Coriander
10 minutes362 kcal
with Basmati Rice and Coriander
30 minutes565 kcal
Balancedwith Brown Rice and Chilli Yoghurt
35 minutes499 kcal
Familywith Green Beans and Fluffy Rice
40 minutes821 kcal
with Garlicky Beans, Carrot and a Coriander Dressing
30 minutes444 kcal
with Tandoori Chicken Wrap
40 minutes604 kcal
with Green Beans and Yoghurt
30 minutes655 kcal
with Beetroot Slaw and Yoghurt
30 minutes484 kcal
Balancedwith Potatoes and Green Beans
20 minutes411 kcal
Family Friendlywith Fluffy Rice and Butternut Squash
40 minutes695 kcal
Familywith Sugar Snaps and Rice
40 minutes597 kcal
Balancedwith Coconut and Quinoa
30 minutes534 kcal
with Courgette, Red Pepper and Fragrant Rice
30 minutes716 kcal
Balancedwith Nutty Brown Rice, Turmeric and Ginger
45 minutes549 kcal